Carol E. – Nashville, TN

After 7 years of pain, I have finally been able to have a knee replacement. My health insurance in the USA would not cover that knee because it was a pre-existing condition when I bought the policy. At the time of my surgery, I still had 7 more months to go before Medicare. But I was in such intense pain that I could not wait any longer.

I came to Merida in September, 2012 without knowing anyone there. Luckily, I soon met Tina Frewer, and we had an immediate connection. While in the states in October, I contracted a serious case of bronchitis. Back in Merida, it was obvious that I needed to go to a doctor so Tina took me. This was my first “medical experience” in Mexico, and I would have been lost without her. Nothing is worse than going to the doctor when you are really sick…especially in a place where you don’t speak the language! This was also my first experience with Tina’s caring and her knowledge of the system. She took me to Star Medica, got me straight to the right doctor, and helped me get prescriptions filled which showed me how the farmacia system works.

This experience gave me the confidence I needed both in Tina and in Star Medica to have my knee replaced. She accompanied me through the process of doctors’ visits and lab work needed for pre-op. The doctors she referred me to were outstanding. The actual hospital stay was quite interesting…the doctor visited me 4 times a day, the room was cleaned 3 times a day, and the nutritionist came by daily to help me with the menu…in English. The room was modern and comfortable and clean.

After I left the hospital, the doctor came to visit me after 1 week and after 2, when he removed my staples…at my temporary home! He said they feel it is much easier on the patient for the doctor to go to them for the first couple of weeks! What a concept!
The cost of my surgery (including all pre surgery tests, lab work and follow up doctor visits) represented almost an 80% saving over the cost I had been quoted in the USA.

Working with Tina is a joy; she is knowledgeable and cheerful. I do not hesitate to recommend her services.