Yucatán: Medical Capital in Mexico’s Southeast

Merida, cultural, economic, social and health center of the Yucatan Peninsula is considered one of the cities with higher levels of life quality, services, peacefulness and security in Mexico with a strategic geographical position, located 1 hour 30 minutes from Mexico City, by plane, and just 3 hours drive from Cancun and Riviera Maya; also, a direct flight from Miami to Merida lasts about 1 hour 22 minutes.

It has a high-level infrastructure for health care. With a large network of public and private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, all constantly growing and modernizing, that guarantees a highly specialized medical care, as it concentrates the highest number of specialist in Mexico´s Southeast.

For all these reasons, we are glad to offer you a destination that not only provides excellent health care but also meaning savings from 40% to 60% in the same procedures as in the US.