Yucatan facilitators understand the needs, concerns and desires of medical tourists and their families, so they could not be in better hands.
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We specialize in assisting and connecting international travelers with the right doctors and treatments.

We also specialize in assisting with all aspects of your medical trip. We can facilitate and coordinate your flight, your accommodations, transportation while in Merida, and anything else that might be helpful to you. We can do as much or as little as you like.

We are the bridge between you and any service provider and our goal is to make your experience as positive as possible.

Yucatan Medical Services
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Yucatan Medical Services is an experienced Medical Tourism Facilitator providing world-class healthcare in Yucatan, at a fraction of U.S prices. Our patients come from all over North America and select us because we offer a unique combination of world-class accredited healthcare, convenient direct flights from Miami, Houston, Cancun and Mexico City, and a numerous recovery and tourism options available in the Yucatan Peninsula.

We offer complete healthcare packages. Care has been taken to ensure that the doctors not only speak English, but also have the interpersonal skills that our clients expect.

Health Itinerary
Tina Frewer & Paty S. Cervera

Healthitinerary is the leading Professional Medical Facilitator/Patient Advocate Service in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Having personally been ´Medical Tourists´ here ourselves, we completely understand the needs, concerns and desires of visitors seeking medical services. In short, we know that we speak your language.

We are Professional Medical Facilitators providing a uniquely personal service, offering world class and cost effective medical, dental and cosmetic health care services here in Merida, Yucatan. Cost savings are up to 80% over prices in the USA.

We provide reliable information and professional support to patients and we are dedicated to helping patients in every step of the process. We provide information regarding the hospitals, doctors, treatments and procedures, and help patients select the best medical provider that meets all of their needs.

You can depend on us to receive every assistance you need in Merida from the time we meet you at Merida airport, until you are ready to return home. We are located just a few minutes from the main hospitals and medical facilities, so what better than to have your own team of professionals, which includes a Doctor who is an important member of our team, working for you. We all live close by and we are here to accompany you throughout the entire process.

The experience of our patients is the most important thing. We are willing to always go one step further, do one thing more, go the extra mile to provide the best for our patients. Our planning caters to the patient's needs and goals throughout the entire process.

'Healthitinerary' - Safety, Quality, Care and Compassion in Medical Tourism